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My name is Shehnaaz. I grew up in The Hague, the Netherlands. As a little girl I was already interested in Astrology and Palmistry. I read a lot of books and was a self taught astrologer at young age. Later I followed a 4 year study in astrology and I developed my skills in Palmistry and Tarot. When I went from high school, I studied Psychology and the University. I was always fascinated by the inner workings and the mystery behind life or the mystery of people, and of myself. As my Psychology study didn’t satisfy my creative and spiritual needs, I studied all kinds of courses related to holism, healthy life style, female beauty and female empowerment.

As I struggled a lot myself when growing up, I got interested in relationships and how love is manifesting in someones life. This became another source of study for me, a direction to fuel my ideas combined with astrology. As a teenager I had a huge website about sexuality, love and astrology. This website got a lot of attention all over the world, so I found out there is a need for people to find guidance for their love life through astrology. For this reason I started to investigate in how to make a practice out of that, to help other people with their relationship questions combining my psychological and astrological knowledge. It made a special blend of useful information that I can give to people.

If you are interested in a consult or have any questions regarding my services on this website, feel free to contact me!

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