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Welcome to Phoenix Astrology. You’re here because you are curious about the possibilities of astrology. I’m already more than 15 years experienced in the use of Astrology and since few years also in Palmistry and Tarot. I have followed proper schooling in Astrology, Tarot and Palmistry. I work however the most with Astrology, and I use Tarot and/or Palmistry to look for extra signs.

For people who don’t know much about astrology, there is a lot possible but also some things are not totally accurate. Astrology is more than predicting the future or looking at your Sun Sign. It’s about underlying processes within your character, your personality, your life, your love life and your career. Every person has a birth chart, made on the time that you were born. This birth chart is the basis of Astrology. From this birth chart you can see all parts of someones life, and you can do some assumptions based on it. However if you want to look at predictions, you have to look at the transits and solar horoscope (1 year horoscope for the birthday). This however doesn’t give guarantees in life, it gives possibilities. So if some configuration is present in the horoscope something might or might not happen exactly as you think it would happen, but you get clues as to which area or what kind of thing would happen.

During your life you come across all kinds of developments and growing experiences. This is shown by the progression and the transit horoscopes. So the birth chart is not a static given, however it is the basic blue print with which you are born with. It is not so much predicting as it is looking at how your life develops according to events, (astro)logic and common sense. For example, if you want to know if you are going to meet your special someone in your coming next year, you still have to go out and mingle among people, and not sit at home alone in front of the television. This kind of thing is obvious, so common sense is needed when using the guidance of Astrology.

Predictions are not 100% accurate and they might work in a different way than you expected. It is better to focus on the here and now, and make choices based on what you can now from your current situation and looking at the past. The past can also be a predictor of future patterns, so that is why Astrology also works with patterns that you can analyze, which can lead to past-present-future connections in your analysis.

For me as an astrologer, I rather see myself creating life than following certain patterns. With this I mean, you can use astrology to guide you, but you have to make your own choices based on your free will. You can not use it to feed your fear of freedom of choice. For that reason I’m not a huge fan of negative predicting, as I think that you can create your future also based on ideas you have about your future. For that reason I’m not a Classical Astrologer, but rather a Modern Astrologer, that uses Astrology as a psychological tool instead of predicting the future.

Astrology can help you find out the traits of your core being. If you are confused with who you are or what you are capable of, you can look at your astrological potential and characteristics. This gives new insights and more tools to accept yourself how you are. You don’t have to be someone else or change yourself, you can finally understand the real you, and you might even be happy that there is a real you that is worthy of acceptance instead of constantly having to change yourself.

For people who are especially looking for prediction, I would want to ask to them, what does a prediction mean to you? What are you fleeing from? The experience lies in the here and now, not in the future. In reality a lot of people want to know predictions about their love life. Also here Astrology can be a guidance, and it can say what kind of person can be the one for you at a certain moment in your life. However you shouldn’t restrict your limits, by just focusing on a little picture perfect ideal match, as this can lead to disappointment later in life. We are all human beings with our flaws. What I also come across is people who have trouble letting go of an ex. The question arises if the ex is ever coming back to them. With such questions you can not do much with astrology, because everyone has a free will to decide if they want to come back or not. You can off course seduce someone with astrological knowledge, but it still doesn’t mean that the relationship is going to flourish after a serious breakdown. There are always relational conflicts apparent when someone decided to step out of the relationship, so do keep that in mind. The best way to deal with it is to ask yourself “How can I deal with the current situation as it is now?” instead of “I want my ex back.”

All in all, Astrology is a useful method to analyze personal, social, relational and career questions and make positive steps. Especially combined with psychological and spiritual insights it is a useful tool. For me however I don’t limit it to predicting the future. Astrology is rather a tool for deep insight in your life. It can give you options that you didn’t consider before, and it gives you guidance to search further and shape a fulfilling life.



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